Cool! Reactions

Watch some reactions to our new virtual reality pain relief experience Cool!

How Virtual Reality Worlds Can Help Reduce Pain (KQED)

VR for Chronic Pain: Laying Out The Case 

“Technology isn’t necessary for mindful practices, but our VR system gives users immediate feedback in a number of sensory and perceptual ways. That makes it less mysterious, and users often say they feel confident that they can affect their pain, instead of feeling they are victims to it.”
Dr. Diane Gromala, VR Pain Researcher – Simon Fraser University

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Your Brain on VR: Virtual Worlds, Real Results (Cannes Lions)

Cannes Lions, Sunday 19 June

The worlds might be virtual but the results are real. Featuring a live, interactive demo of the technology, join this session to find out how VR supercharges the healing process and inspires better health habits.

COOL! VR Pain Relief Video

COOL! is the latest release from the creators of SnowWorld, the groundbreaking research application that established the clinical use of VR for burn patients and wound care.

Digital Festival – Brussels

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Howard’s talk at the Digital Festival in Brussels (June 21) was well received by an audience including leading EU policy makers,  social visionaries and digital enthusiasts from around Europe. Howard’s presentation covered an overview of VR applications for health, and included an ice water pain challenge with a volunteer from the audience.

The DigiFest was sponsored by Forum Europe, a London-based think tank that tries to spread the benefits of the digital age to all sectors and parts of society.

Firsthand CEO, Howard Rose – On The Town in the New Yorker

Virtual Resilience

Firsthand’s COOL! in the New Yorker

Mamie Gummer

“I was thinking about the otters and how happy they seemed when I blew them up. We became pals. Could I use that during childbirth?”

Mamie Gummer