We’re Teaming with Thrive Global to Improve Your Life

OK, free associate for a minute with me about the word, Health?  What comes to mind? Freedom? Responsibility? Excitement?  Hard Work? Tasteless vegetables? Likely, for most of you, “virtual reality” was not on your list. But VR could be the key that unlocks your untapped ability to be healthier. Hang with me here.

I’m really excited that Firsthand is teaming up with Arianna Huffington and her new company, Thrive Global. From the first time I met Arianna, it was clear that she deeply cares about people. And she’s passionate about inspiring folks to really thrive, not just spend their time on this earth “getting by.”

So we really appreciate that Arianna invited us to join in Thrive’s coming-out party in NYC, December 2016. We brought along COOL! and GLOW! to help get the party going. Very pleased to see Arianna is thinking way out of the traditional box of wellness, and is actively promoting VR as a means to help people Thrive.

I want to give big THANK YOU to our partners HTC Vive and AVA Direct who helped succeed at Thrive with the best damn VR equipment on the planet. Thank you, Travis Bortz, Chris Chin and JB in particular.

What’s next? You’ll have to watch in this space to see the exciting directions this Thrive/Firsthand partnership is going. Stay tuned, and in the meantime do whatever you need to do to thrive.

Virtually Yours,


More photos of the Thrive opening on our Facebook page