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COOL! VR Goes to Kabale Hospital, Uganda

Torin Lucas, Firsthand Advisor (UK) May, 2017 Read: Howard’s Comments (LinkedIn) The invitation to collaborate with an African University really came out of the blue. Like most us in the West, Africa paints a picture for me. It conjures up a leafy jungle imagery interrupted by fantastic hopscotch steps over crocodile heads bobbing like foot […]

Focus Forward: In Your Head

Can virtual reality control chronic pain? Dr. Diane Gromala and DeepStream VR are mixing virtual reality with biofeedback and mindful meditation to deliver a powerful cocktail alternative to opioids – called the human mind.

Wounded Soldier Uses VR To Ease Pain

Watch Lt. Sam Brown’s Inspirational Story After being severely injured in Afghanistan by an IED, Lt. Samuel Brown found himself in a Texas hospital facing a long, painful recovery.  But things started to change when Sam began using the virtual reality game, SnowWorld, developed by Dr. Hunter Hoffman and Firsthand’s founders. SnowWorld helped Sam escape the pain of […]

The Biggest and Boldest at Fortune Brainstorm Health

“Entrepreneur Arianna Huffington took a trip inside virtual reality and learned how the immersive tech can help ease physical pain. Howard Rose, CEO of DeepStream VR, had Huffington place her left hand into an ice bucket; the minute-long bath proved a painful experience. But when she dipped her hand again in the chilly water, this […]

Can VR Help People Manage Pain?

TIME Magazine: Health Section – 9.5.2016   by Howard Rose, Firsthand CEO It’s not everyday that a TIME reporter calls for an interview, but it’s very nice when they do. I had that pleasure, speaking with TIME health writer, Alexandra Sifferlin, who served up very insightful, probing questions on the use of VR for pain. Her […]

Reprogramming Your Brain

Ari Hollander speaking at the MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest tells a story about how VR can be used to change the way the brain works.  This is an example of the vast potential for using the sensory system for “white hat hacking” our brains to help fix problems caused by disease or injury. See more […]