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VR Health Care – Towards Best Practices (AIMed Magazine)

Blog by Howard Rose AIMed Magazine vol 3: VR Health Care p 62-65. Download Diane Gromala, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Computational Technologies for Transforming Pain, and Director of the Chronic Pain Research Institute and Pain Studies Lab at Simon Fraser University Frances Ayalasomayajula, MPH, PMP, Worldwide Lead for Population Health and Patient Engagement at HP Howard Rose, […]

COOL! VR Pain Relief Video

COOL! is the latest release from the creators of SnowWorld, the groundbreaking research application that established the clinical use of VR for burn patients and wound care.

Report Shows COOL Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

An independent study by Dr. Ted Jones and Dr. James Choo, (Pain Consultants of East Tennessee in Knoxville) and Dr. Todd Moore (U. of Tennessee), shows VR significantly reduced pain chronic nonmalignant pain (CNP) patients. The team announced their results at the American Pain Society Conference 2016 show chronic pain patients using the VR application,  COOL! Their study […]

GLOW! VR Biofeedback Relaxation Video

Relax, breath, and discover that you control the beating of your own heart – with your mind. Reach out your hands and sculpt the glowing light of fireflies. A lantern emerges from a silent pool – share your light. GLOW! Helps you take control of your heart, your mind and your world. – Natural movement […]

Virtual Reality, the Opioid Crisis, and Pain

Virtual Reality, the Opioid Crisis, and Pain Watch on YouTube Howard Rose, Firsthand CEO On a recent trip to Portland I got to spend time with Dr. Robert Lazzara, producer of the Medical News Minute series. Dr. Lazzara is a cardiologist, with a drive to innovate better care and transform medicine with technology. Our discussion […]

VR Healthcare Best Practices

Virtual reality (VR) technology has improved significantly in the last few years. With these advancements, the use of VR in the clinical setting is increasing. There are a lot of cited uses and benefits, including rehabilitation, pain management, and reduced feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation. However, it is important to avoid unsubstantiated claims, establish […]

Reprogramming Your Brain

Ari Hollander speaking at the MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest tells a story about how VR can be used to change the way the brain works.  This is an example of the vast potential for using the sensory system for “white hat hacking” our brains to help fix problems caused by disease or injury. See more […]

Pain Relief and Wellness Through VR

Pain Relief and Wellness Through VR Watch on YouTube Howard Rose, Firsthand CEO at SIGGRAPH 2017 with partners, Intel and HP: Learn how Firsthand Technology is using VR to help reduce pain, relieve stress, and build resilience for hospital patients.