Virtual Reality Used By Stanford’s Top Physicians

Jacob Barringer, Firsthand Marketing Specialist

Pierre, a patient with excruciating pain in his left arm, could not even lift a kitchen skillet. Pierre did not want to mask the problems with painkillers so he decided to stick it out. Luckily for Pierre, he found Dr. Kim Bullock.

Dr. Kim Bullock, a neuropsychiatrist at Stanford University, has been studying the use of Virtual Reality to ease the symptoms of anxiety. While studying this she discovered that Virtual Reality can assist with pain management as well.

Dr. Sean Mackey, one of the nation’s top pain experts, weighs in:

“The excitement for VR comes in with the opportunity to rewire our brains into a more “normal” state so that we are not experiencing as much pain.” When asked if Virtual Reality is the future of pain management he responded, “I think it’s one of the critical futures of pain management”