Lord Byron

STATUS: Where’s That Cat?


We haven’t seen Lord Byron in a week!  Usually he checks in before now. We saw him show up briefly on the neighborhood bluetooth radar a few days ago, but then nothing…  If he happens to be hanging out with you, please text us at (206) 501-9661.

“Not all who wander are lost.”


The green area below is Lord Byron’s territory (if it is not visible, click the gadget in the upper-left corner of the map and check the box by “Lord Byron’s World”).  He wanders throughout this zone, sometimes late at night. He likes to go “trick or treating” and will invite himself into your home if you let him.  Please don’t feed him (he will usually over-stay his welcome) and make sure to let him out at night so he can come home for chow.  If you find him significantly outside the green zone, feel free to text us at (206) 501-9661 for a pick-up.

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