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Because all VR is NOT created equal

High quality VR for high demand, professional applications. Get VR experiences that people desire with features demanding doctors and researchers require.


Easy to use and simple to learn, COOL! is ideal for patients feeling the pain and anxiety of medical procedures or the burden of chronic conditions. Your patients will leave their pain behind as they embark on a journey through jewel-crusted caves and crystalline streams. Feeding rainbow trout to a giant otter reveals its dazzling inner beauty. Surprises lurk around every corner as patients leave their pain behind.


  • Capture level of activity and biometrics for every session
  • 360 degree Real VR: free head motion plus full motion hand controllers on all supported systems
  • Monitor patients in VR with the monitor mirror screen
  • On-screen therapist control interface (touchscreen ready)
  • Biofeedback slips you effortlessly into your comfort zone


Enter world of play with magic and light. GLOW! is using heart rate and biofeedback to help reduce pain and stress, as patients practice mindfulness and self-control. Explore GLOW! with your own hands – gathering fireflies in the evening moonlight or coaxing a lantern from a rippling pool. GLOW! provides a restful sanctuary, or a warm memory to carry through the challenges of the day.


  • Control the VR experience with your hands!
  • Control the virtual world with heart rate – The calmer you are, the more fun you have!
  • VR Biofeedback: Heart rate monitor links relaxation to meaningful success in GLOW!
  • Breath guide aids relaxation and enhances mindfulness skill development
  • Choose among stress-reducing sound tracks, enhanced with binaural beats

Unlimited License

Annual subscription includes COOL! & GLOW!, Firsthand Launcher branded for your clinic, biofeedback, patient data system, all product and technical updates, and new VR releases. Ask about discounts for multiple licenses.  On-site installation and training and Extended Support packages are also available.

VR-Pro Features

  • Unlimited Pro and Commercial Use
  • Use Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR Headsets
  • Save session records of activity, engagement, length of session, and more
  • Biofeedback with simple, effective heart rate monitor (hardware sold seperately)
  • Pro Control Interface
  • Touchscreen support

VR hardware is not included in VR-Pro subscription. Visit our Hardware Page for turn-key VR system solutions.

  • VR Pro Monthly Subscription
    Unlimited commercial and clinical use
  • $210/mo
    Annual software license – Monthly Payments
  • Volume Discounts Available
  • VR Pro-Service Plan
  • On-site advanced installation
  • Health provider and operator training
  • Large-scale deployment solutions
  • Secure cloud content updates
  • Research study support
  • Gold level hardware repair & replacement program
  • Extended Enterprise Support
  • Software Customization & White Label
  • Extend Cool or Glow for your specific needs
  • Expert, comprehensive digital health product design
  • Custom solutions for specific patients & environments
  • Technical and data solutions
  • Full VR development on any VR platform
  • Quality testing
  • Product Deployment and Support

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