Get Into VR for Health

Firsthand has a new option for pain relief, with the best clinically proven VR pain relief experiences and a one-stop hardware solution. Join the growing number of leading doctors and health organizations using VR to reduce pain and stress, reduce reliance on drugs, and reduce the cost of patient care.

Unlimited Clinical and Commercial Use

Annual subscription for just $270 per month

Discounts for multiple licenses
On-site installation training
Web conference training and consultation
Premium Support Plans

VR hardware is not included in VR-Pro subscription.
Visit our Hardware Page for complete VR system solutions.

VR-Pro Features

  • Unlimited Pro and Commercial Use
  • Use Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Oculus
  • Pro Control Interface: fine tune the experience, set session length
  • Record each session activity, engagement, time, and more
  • Firsthand Launcher – simple one-button operation
  • Biofeedback with simple, effective heart rate monitor (order hardware)
  • Touchscreen support – Mirrors what the patient sees
  • Now including HealthTunes audio streaming service

Take a Pain Holiday

COOL! is ideal for patients feeling the pain and anxiety of medical procedures or the burden of chronic conditions. Easy to use, simple to learn – leave pain behind and embark on a journey playing paintball with lovable otters in jewel-crusted caves and crystalline streams.

Multiple clinical studies have shown Cool! can dramatically reduce pain and stress for chronic pain.

Biofeedback Builds Mindfulness

GLOW! uses biofeedback to help reduce pain and stress, as patients practice mindfulness and self-control. Enter world of play with magic and light – moving your hands to gather fireflies in the evening moonlight.

GLOW! helps you relax quickly by linking your heart rate to more success – the calmer you are the more you can do. For rehab therapy, GLOW! gets you immediately activated to move fingers, arms, or the whole body.

The VR-Pro Subscription includes HealthTunes audio streaming service. HealthTunes provides music that helps relaxation and promotes well being.  HealthTunes offers specific music treatments and sound therapies, which reference evidence-based clinical research.

Premium Support Plan

Eliminate any worries about setup, training and downtime with Premium Support:
  • On-site setup and implementation planning
  • Health provider and operator training
  • Organization-wide deployment solutions
  • Secure cloud content updates
  • Research program support
  • Gold level hardware repair and replacement program
  • Extended enterprise support

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