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Virtual Reality created by virtual reality pioneers, leading research and development of VR health applications for over 20 years. Today, we bring you virtual experiences to help your brain and body excel to your highest potential.

VR Built to Relieve and Relax

Extreme or prolonged pain loads down the brain and amps up stress. Firsthand designs our VR experiences from scratch for maximum immersion to achieve the highest level of pain relief and relaxation, while minimizing adverse effects that can cause fatigue or discomfort.

Medical-grade solution

High performance, durable systems deliver the best VR experience and ease of use for a durable and secure operation.

Data for analytics

Optional session data collection system to monitor patient activity, pain levels and progress. Requires no connection to Electronic Health Records systems so it’s easy to implement.

Training and support

Get the best from pre-sales planning through on-site installation and aftersales support.

Leading Doctors Use VR
To Help Relieve Pain

Firsthand immersive VR is here to help your patients reduce pain, relieve stress, and build resilience. If you are looking for an opioid alternative, VR benefits come without the complications and side effects associated with narcotic medications.

The efficacy of VR for pain has been established by over a decade of independent clinical studies showing significant pain relief during VR, with prolonged benefits long after the VR session is over.

Firsthand Technology has been a part of these pioneering research teams that have established the field of VR pain control, creating iconic VR therapies including SnowWorld for Burn Pain and IraqWorld for the emotional pain of PTSD.

Independent clinical studies show COOL! and GLOW! can help reduce pain and anxiety.


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