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Introducing a virtual reality platform that helps relieve acute and chronic pain

Bring high quality VR to your clinic today to help reduce pain and anxiety. Firsthand software is developed for medical use, and shown in numerous studies to provide higher levels of pain relief than a dose of narcotics, with no pharmaceutical side effects.

Leading hospitals are now offering their patients VR instead of drugs. Chronic pain clinics are reporting some of their most difficult patients are finally getting off opioids using Firsthand VR.

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Firsthand is the recognized expert in Virtual Reality pain relief. Today, bring immersive VR experiences to help your patients reduce pain, relieve stress, and build mindful resilience. We’ll get you up and running fast and efficiently with turnkey VR systems tailored for optimal clinical performance.

Our Evidence-based Approach

We base our products on years of firsthand scientific and clinical studies of VR for pain relief. Our VR products have set the standard for quality of experience, clinical fit, and efficacy.

Multiple, independent clinical studies have shown our VR products can effectively reduce pain at higher levels than a dose of narcotics, and benefits can last long after the VR session is over. Read the Research Results

Bring VR to your clinic with COOL! and GLOW!

Best VR experiences that completely absorb mind and body to deliver the best possible patient outcomes and enjoyment.

Easy to operate: mirror-screen monitors what patient is seeing, one-button touchscreen controls, automated patient data collection. So simple patients can operate it on their own.

Benefits are immediate and visible: build a bridge away from opioid dependency, activate patients to move and engage, give biofeedback and mindfulness training a new dimension.


Escape to the Otter Limits


 Music by Walter Werzowa and Pierre Bensusan

A Space to Find Your Perfect Balance


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