VR for Health and Wellness

Advantages of Firsthand’s Evidence-based Approach
Firsthand has set the standard for quality of experience, clinical fit, and efficacy. Our products are based on years of scientific and clinical studies of VR for pain relief.

  • Activate patients engaging therapy they want to do
  • High-quality VR experiences completely absorb mind and body for the best outcomes and enjoyment
  • Easy to operate for health staff or patients can run it on their own
  • Provide an opioid alternative bridge away from dependency
  • Generate insights through robust biometric and behavioral data

 Read the evidence showing from multiple clinical studies using Firsthand’s Virtual Worlds.

Take a Pain Holiday

COOL! is ideal for patients feeling the pain and anxiety of medical procedures or the burden of chronic conditions. Easy to use, simple to learn – leave pain behind and embark on a journey playing paintball with lovable otters in jewel-crusted caves and crystalline streams.

Multiple clinical studies have shown Cool! can dramatically reduce pain and stress for chronic pain.