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Firsthand Technology is the industry leader in Virtual Reality experiences for healthcare, business and education. As pioneers in VR industry, we are experts at using VR’s high bandwidth channel to the brain and senses to boost your physical and mental health.

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Leading hosptials are using COOL! to help relieve pain. New studies show COOL can help reduce chronic pain.


Get into the Flow of VR biofeedback for mindful relaxation.

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Mobile App to Assess Caries Risk

MyCambra: Collaboration with UCSF School of Dentistry
Produced with UCSF School of Dentistry
Dr. Peter Rechmann, Dr. Richard Kinsel, Dr. John D.B. Featherstone      UCSF Press Release      Purchase on the AppStore

Take the guesswork out of Caries Risk Assessment.

CAMBRA (CAries Management By Risk Assessment) is leading a paradigm shift to move beyond the outdated focus on “remove decay and restore”, the proverbial “drill and fill” mindset. MyCAMBRA helps dentists assess patient caries risk, gives an Action Plan for success, and includes educational tools that help patients take charge of their own health.

Creating MyCAMBRA with Firsthand was an incredible, positive adventure. We confronted them with the basic ideas of Caries Management by Risk Assessment – CAMBRA – and our basic concept. It was impressive to see their knowledge and almost unlimited creativity to design, and then deliver an appealing and effective application.

Dr. Peter Rechmann
UCSF, School of Dentistry